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Revision BöB 2019

The Federal government has revised the Federal Act on Public Procurement (BöB). The revised Act is expected to enter into force on 1 January 2021. In this newsletter, Christoph Meyer summarises the most important changes at the Federal level. Current procurement developments are of particular importance because the cantons will also decide about the revision of their intercantonal agreement (IVöB) soon. The aim is basically to harmonise the provisions applied by the Confederation and the cantons.

Download pdf Neovius Aktuell Nr. 13 (85 KB)


Duty to obtain a permit for short-term accommodation

In our latest NEOVIUS newsletter, Laura Luthiger explains the legal requirements that have to be met when offering accommodation via online platforms such as “Airbnb”, “Spot a Home”, “UMS Temporary Housing” and “Vision Apartment”.

Download pdf Neovius Aktuell Nr. 12 (91 KB)


New publication about public-sector employment relationships in the Canton of Basel Stadt

Christoph Meyer is co-author of a new practical handbook about personnel law. It sets out the material issues relating to public-sector employment relationships in the Canton of Basel-Stadt and discusses the latest rulings of the Federal and Basel-Stadt cantonal courts.

The book can be ordered from Helbling Lichtenhahn Verlag via the following link:

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