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References under public personnel law

In three recent judgements, the Appeal Court of the Canton of Basel-Stadt focused on work references. Christoph Meyer summarises the most important new findings from the recent jurisprudence of the Appeal Court in this newsletter. To a large extent, these findings also apply outside the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

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New findings for procurement law from the rulings of the cantonal courts

In our newsletter no. 10, Christoph Meyer summarises the most recent rulings about selection and award criteria of the courts of the Cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft.

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Special features of employment relationships under public law

With the introduction by the administration of new public management, public personnel law has also seen in-depth changes. For example, the civil servant position for a fixed period of employment was replaced by permanent employment relationships with the possibility of termination of employment. Traditional disciplinary law has mostly been abolished. The new performance and impact orientation finds expression in more flexible wage systems and employee management by objectives, among others. Christoph Meyer and Nadja Lüthi point out some of the special features of public personnel law in this newsletter.

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The effect of liability limitations under Swiss law

Our latest newsletter explains the two most important principles ensuring effective limitation of liability in GTCs under Swiss law.

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