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New publication about building permits in Canton Basel-Stadt

Daniel Gebhardt, Christoph Meyer, Christoph Nertz and Marina Piolino have published a new practical handbook about building permits in the Canton of Basel-Stadt. The handbook gives professionals working at law firms, courts, government agencies and construction and planning companies a well-founded and easy-to-understand overview of the key issues relating to this important topic.

The book can be ordered from Helbling Lichtenhahn Verlag via the following link:


New compulsory social compensation plan for mass redundancies

If financial difficulties mean that an employer has to shed many jobs at the same time, they have to remember that the provisions about mass redundancy may apply. This newsletter gives an overview of the new compulsory social compensation plan for mass redundancies.

Download pdf NEOVIUS Aktuell Nr. 4 (115 KB)


Purchase of real estate: sense and nonsense of withdrawal clauses

In this newsletter, Christoph Nertz and Yves Cron report on questionable formulations of withdrawal clauses in real estate purchase agreements.


Download pdf NEOVIUS Aktuell Nr. 3 (91 KB)


Notice of termination pending a change of contract and mass redundancies

Quite often when companies fall on difficult times, the amendment of employment conditions and job shedding become important issues. Legally, however, the employer can quickly end up in quicksand.

Download pdf NEOVIUS Aktuell Nr. 2 (126 KB)

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